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V Tormenstorp Never Ever ~ 4 RCC's ~ Breed Surveyed Class 1~ Haemophilia Clear

SIRE: VA3 Yukon von der Bastilie  DAM: V Schnuppe von Arlett

Hips A Stamp Normal, Elbows A Fast normal ~ SCH H1




Tormenstorp Never Ever ~  Joined us here at the Draycore Kennels in 2011 - We are delighted to him with us here. Nick is now proven at stud with a number of litters sired in 2012 & 2013. We are excited as Nick goes from strength to strength.


SPGSDG Regional Show - Judge Imrhain Hussain Graded V3

GSDL Regional Show - Judge Gunther Muller (SV) Graded V2

Crufts 2013 - Judge K, Hoyland- 1st in Limit Dog and RCC

Kent Champ show  - Judge Brian Wooton - 1st limit dog

Manchester Ch Show Tormenstorp Never Ever   1st Limit Dog & RCC ( thank you to Ian Blackshaw for stepping in and handling Nick at short notice  due to our daughter Jodie not being well )



Christmas Cracker Regional Event - V2 Tormenstorp Never Never

9th September 2012  NWA Club Ch Show  Tormenstorp Never Ever 1st pgd

16th June 2012 Border Union 1st Post Graduarter Dog & RCC Judge ~ Ian Blackshaw



Derby GSD CH Show ~ Dog Judge Margret Crispin 1st Junior Dog Tormenstorp Never Ever

Birmingham National Dog Show  - 1st junior dog

East of England-  Judge  G. French Forsyth ~ 2nd junior dog

BORDER UNION CHAMP SHOW 2012 ~ Critique Judge Ian Black Show ~ Result RCC

Post Grad Dog (8,0)

1st Kirby's Toremstorp Never Ever Well did he ever yes he did impressed me a lot, I love Swedish bred dogs!! Lovely head and expression strong neck leading into well placed shoulders he has the correct topline which is strong with a well molded croup, he is finished off with the quarters to balance him strong movement away and towards with a strong short hocks giving a powerful side gait, some may say he is a little on the small side wrong take a good look know you proportions he is the correct size pleased to award this dog the Res CC and if there is justice in this world should go to the top.

Nick's pedigree is Ursus v Batu free.

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Above you can see some of Nicks pups.

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Available at Stud ( Birmingham area )

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Young pup out of Nick

Clynalwin Kiester

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Clynalwins Kayson

Crufts Yearling Dog class winner 2015

clynalwin kayson